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In the Thai language it is usually called nuat phaen thai (Thai: นวดแผนไทย; lit. “Thai-style massage”)  though its formal name is nuat thai (Thai: นวดไทย, lit. Thai massage) according to the Traditional Thai Medical Professions Act, BE 2556 (2013).

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Professional Thai Massage

The treatment improves energy circulation by loosening muscles that commonly tighten and restrict the flow of blood, nerves, oxygen, and other vital energy. In many Eastern health practices, this focus is called clearing chakras. By clearing all of the body’s major chakras, vital energy flow is restored throughout the body.

Stretching Tight Muscles relieving pain

Loosening of Stiff Joints

Improving Energy Circulation.

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During an Authentic Thai massage, the massage therapist will work to manipulate these  energy meridians until it feels that the energy is sufficiently released. After this, will begin the stretching element of the massage.

Mind & Body

As with any expert massage, the release of joint and muscular tension leads to the benefit of an increased sense of well-being. The use of  joint manipulation and an energy release work in combination to release tension.


Thai massage has additional benefits in terms of releasing nerve tension, freeing energy flow and releasing emotional tension held within the body. The end result is a heightened sense of wellbeing and optimum relaxation..

Mobilises the Joints

Thai massage can effectively help increase joint mobility and range of movement, particularly after a series of treatments. A reduction in joint pain and an increase in suppleness and enhanced flexibility can be gained from Thai massage therapy.

Stress Releif

Reduces Stress In spite of it’s rigorous and more dynamic – and at times uncomfortable – technique, Thai massage has been found to markedly reduce stress, and enhance a sense of overall wellbeing.

Pain Relief

The applied pressing technique utilized in Thai massage pinpoints areas of built-up muscular tension. The principles of Thai Medical Massage also target trapped nerves, making it highly beneficial in alleviating muscle spasms.


Happy Clients

“Jum really is the real deal, she knows how to pinpoint the area of pain, and has an intuition to find the source. I can’t recommend her enough” Mary Coffey

Business Owner, Formerly of Kate Kearney Cottage

“I sit for over 8 hours a days and suffer lower back pain. An hour treatment once every fortnight works like a charm allowing me comfort to work” Francis McCaffrey

Call Centre Agent, Fexco Killorglin

“Great Massage. Jum is a kind and friendly Thai lady. I have been to many massages and hers is by far the best. She knows how to create calm in my life”

Christine Scholz

Housewife, Caragh Lake